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After the 1976 election, in which the Labour government was confirmed, Borg Olivier resigned the party leadership but remained a member of parliament. The eldest son of Sultan Sir Omar Ali Saifuddin, he was named crown prince and heir apparent by his father in 1961. April 4, 1910, Bobangui, Oubangui-Chari, French Equatorial Africa now in Central African Republic -. He had been created a Knight Commander of the Order. After Mussolini's fall on July 25, 1943, he headed the national committee of anti-Fascist groups and, after the liberation of Rome (June 9, 1944 was designated prime minister by the National Committee of Liberation. Though he was eventually acquitted on 7 counts, Judge Duenas sentenced him to 9 years in prison and he was ordered to pay over 114,000 in fines. After the war he became chairman of a new party called Het Volk (The People and when Transvaal was given responsible government he became its first and only prime minister.


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March 15, 1809, Saint-Denis, Île Bonaparte now Réunion -. 20, 1939, Formosa, Argentina -. He was also prefect of the French départements of Corrèze (1989-90 Vosges (1990-94 and Haut-Rhin (1994). In an unsuccessful effort to halt the decline of the economy, Boyer passed the Code Rural, which sought to tie the peasant labourers to plantation land by denying them the right to leave the land, enter the towns, or start farms or shops of their. Bonilla (Vásquez (José) Policarpo (b. Early in 1910, discouraged by the quarrels and intrigues among his followers, he threatened to resign, but in 1911 when the Laurier government fell, he became prime minister. By September 1983, word was out that London would permit one battalion of Gurkhas to stay on under British control in Brunei for an unspecified period. Borius, Augustin Valentin (b. Route modifier modifier le code Navigation modifier modifier le code Vue sur le lac de Neuchâtel. 31, 1844, when he was adopted by his uncle Jean-Baptiste Willaumez) (b. Sultan Sir Hassanal Bolkiah's youngest brother, he served as minister of youth, sports, and culture (1984-86) and finance (1986-97). 19, 1909, Bogra, India now in Bangladesh -. Open conflict was narrowly avoided, but the British severed diplomatic relations in 1811. May 15, 2011, Paris prefect of French Guiana (1967-70). 7, 1956, Ayan, Irkutsk oblast, Russian.F.S.R. For the next decade, the father remained the power behind the throne as the young ruler (who was knighted in 1972) occupied himself less with affairs of state than with polo, fast cars, and pleasure trips overseas, predilections that raised eyebrows in conservative circles. He was also chargé d'affaires and minister to the Dominican Republic (1899-1908) and minister of foreign affairs (1908, 1914-15, 1915-17, sex blois emmen 1918 justice (1914-15 education (1915-16 public works (1916 and finance and commerce (1918). 15, 1879, Saint-Joseph, Réunion -. Borja Borja Cevallos, Rodrigo (b. 25, 1926, Madrid, Spain royal commissioner (1885-86) and subgovernor (1886-. July 16, 1893, Geneva, Switzerland -. They said Muslim conservatives in the palace who oppose opening up one of the world's last remaining absolute monarchies to Western influence took advantage of publicity from two court cases which tarnished Prince Jefri's reputation to force the palace to move against him.

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