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Amani: Amani is a Kiswahili name, meaning peaceful. Pizzas, sandwiches, hot dogs, bacon, burgers, and the combination of all of the above are his treats, but only occasionally, as Alex Hopes, the proud owner does not want to give diabetes to his beloved pup. Let us know what you think about it by commenting below! Benita: Benita, meaning blessed would go well with trendy names Juanita and Anita. When not writing or editing, she loves to read (and re-read) English classics or spend time with her two children. This Spanish origin name is considered a nickname for Rose in Hispanic countries. Silvana: We find this Spanish version of Silvia more exotic than the original. Neoma: A rare Greek name that would also work as a variation of Naomi, Neoma means new moon. guadeloupe sex namen

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Barbara: Barbara is a name with interesting history. It sounds contemporary and new. She was a print media journalist for six years, before moving to the chief editor, she guides her team in writing the most authentic content with no compromise on quality or editorial values. Romario means pilgrim to Rome. Camila: This Spanish name is pretty, sophisticated, and has the European flair. It derives from old English word, 'hara' which means woodland or clearing. .

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Veronica: This Latin name, meaning she who brings victory held the top spot in most popular baby girl names in Cuba. Pirro: A unique name with an equally unique meaning, Pirro means flaming hair. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes an excellent family pet. . This breed is a popular choice for children too. . Lisandra: Lisandra is the Greek variation of Alexandra and means defender of mankind. Maceo: This Spanish variation of Matthew was recently picked by Halley Berry for her son.

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Actress Courteney Cox has two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and is regularly seen in public walking her beloved pooches, Harley and Hopper. . Jade: This gemstone name, meaning stone of the rencontres lirtine gratuite châlons en champagne side, has been rising in usage even since Mick and Bianca Jagger selected it for their son. Cuba: If you or your ancestors are from Cuba, how about honoring them by naming your son after the country? Actress, singer and dancer, Julianne Hough, also owns two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. . It will work well as a nickname too! Edelira: A name apt for your little princess. Desiderio: Desiderio, meaning desired one, belongs to the Cuban bandleader and actor, Desiderio Alberto Desi Arnaz y de Acha III. Anton means priceless one. This divine name means advisor. It means guardian or peace. Damarae: There cannot be a name more apt for your bundle of joy than Damarae, which means a joy of joys. No, it is not pizzadog, it is Sid the Pizza Dog! The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a popular choice of pet with many celebrities. . It means to harvest. Although they love cuddles, they like to explore too, and can be quite an energetic breed. . Read: Mexican Baby Names.

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